missing in alabama

latoya brown missing alabama
Latoya Tee Brown, 21: Missing Following Alabama Tornado

Latoya was on her way to grab food with a friend when a tornado touched down. However, her family doesn’t believe she was victim of the natural disaster.

Tarasha Benjamin 4
Tarasha Benjamin, 17: Left Home In The Morning, Car Found Abandoned 2 Hours Later

She borrowed a friend’s car to go to a local flea market, but two hours later, the truck was seen abandoned on a highway.

Wanda Floyd Missing
Wanda Floyd, 60: Vanished After Leaving Hospital In 2020

She reportedly received a ride when she left, but Wanda hasn’t been heard from again.

Jasmine Calloway Host Missing
Jasmine Calloway Host, 29: Vanished The Day Before She Was Scheduled To Move In 2017

She lived with her husband & a roommate. The latter claimed she woke up & Jasmine was gone.

Monisha Harrell Missing
Monisha Harrell, 36: Reported Missing From Alabama In July 2021

Her family reported her missing after not hearing from her in months.

Yuette Wabbington Missing (1)
Yuette Wabbington, 33: Left Home & Never Returned In 1997

When she left her home, she told her relatives she would return in the evening for a family gathering.

Donna Calloway Missing
Donna Calloway: Police Refused To List Her As A Missing Person

The mother of eight vanished in 2018 but authorities wouldn’t allow her sister to file a report until a year later.

Felicia Cochran Missing
Felicia Cochran Disappeared After A Trip To The Salon In 1992

Her car was later found abandoned and burned on a remote road.

LaQuanta Nachelle Riley Missing
LaQuanta Nachelle Riley: Missing Teen’s Mysterious Case Puzzles Police

The teen’s mom received a message on her answering machine that said “leave me alone” or “let me go home.”

Kimberly Arrington Missing CVS
Kimberly Arrington, 16, Vanishes In 1998 After Visiting CVS Pharmacy

She was a carefree teen who just visited her local store.

Kierra Stubbs Missing
Kierra Stubbs Got Into A Man’s Car & Hasn’t Been Seen Again

The mother of two was captured on surveillance cameras.

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