missing in chicago

Vinyette Teague
Vinyette Teague, 18 Months: Vanished From Apt Hallway In 1983

When grandma returned from taking a phone call, little Vinyette was gone.

kierra coles chicago missing pregnant
Kierra Coles: Pregnant Postal Worker Missing From Chicago Since 2018

In July 2020, relatives of Kierra Coles received devastating news from authorities. Two years prior,…

Valina Magee McGee Missing
Valina Magee: 13-Year-Old Vanishes From Chicago In 1989

She was on her way to school when she disappeared.

Kelly Juanita Staples
Kelly Juanita Staples Disappeared On Her Way To School In 1980

Police believe she was abducted by a non-family member.

Chaunti Bryla
Chaunti Bryla Believed To Have Been Murdered & Disposed Of In Dumpster

Authorities have made an arrest, but they are still searching for her remains.

Angela Wilkerson Missing
Angela Wilkerson Was Last Seen In Chicago in 2007

It took years for her case to make it’s way to NamUs.

Chaunti Bryla
*Update* Chaunti Bryla Was Last Seen Getting Out Of Cab At Her Home

No one has seen or heard from the court clerk since mid-March.

Joanna Wright
Joanna Wright Was Kidnapped in Broad Daylight In 2016

In the winter of December 2016, Joanna Wright was going about a regular day in…

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