Missing in Columbus

Sacoya Cooper Missing 3
Sacoya Cooper, 33: Transwoman Left For Trip To The Store & Vanished

Sacoya reportedly never made it to the store. Her vehicle is missing as well. Her partner fears the worst.

Le-Shay Dungey Missing 2
Le-Shay Dungey, 19: Disappeared While Walking To Friend’s House In 2018

She traveled to visit a friend, & while Le-Shay Dungey texted she was walking toward his home, she never arrived to her destination.

Lyrian Barry missing
Lyrian Barry: 22-Year-Old Mom Goes Missing From Mississippi in 1960

The 22-year-old mother wanted to start a better life & vanished.

Candice Aliciea Taylor
Candice Aliciea Taylor Went Missing Before Partial Remains Were Found

Her mother is still searching for answers—and the rest of her body.

Ebony Giddens Disappeared Two Days After Domestic Dispute with BF

Her boyfriend reportedly busted her lip open and pulled a gun on her when she told him she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore.

Kylaya Loving Missing
Kylaya Loving, 16: Vanished From Ohio In 2017

The teen had reportedly recently given birth.

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