missing in florida

Quahziah Bouie Missing
Quahziah Bouie, 15: Police Fear She May Be Victim Of Sex Trafficking

She had just been in the hospital in critical condition after “being severely assaulted.”

Leila Cavett missing
Leila Cavett, 21: Vanished, Son Found Wandering Alone In Apt Complex

A man has been charged with kidnapping the 2-year-old, but 21-year-old Leila Cavett remains missing from Hollywood, Florida since July 2020.

Lelisia Slade
Lelisia Slade, 25: Was Drug-Addicted When She Vanished In 1988

The 25-year-old had turned to prostitution to support her habit.

Nyeisha Nelson Murder Missing
Nyeisha Nelson, 20: Missing For A Week Before Remains Were Located

After days of not knowing what happened, the 20-year-old’s remains were found in a shallow grave.

Wanda Trotman Missing Homeless Florida
Wanda Trotman, 44: Was Homeless When She Went Missing On NYE In 2009

After failing to show up for her monthly visitations with her family, she was reported missing.

Esterlyne Delmas 2013 Florida
Esterlyne Delmas Left Her Florida Home in 2013 & Was Never Seen Again

She had moved to Florida from Haiti several years earlier.

Debra Vanessa Townsel Missing
Debra Townsel, 21: Disappeared From Florida In 1980

The young mother had a three-year-old son when she went missing.

Jadekiss McNeal Missing
Jadekiss McNeal, 13, Went Out To Her Front Porch In 2015 & Disappeared

There are quite a few inconsistencies in this missing person case.

Dianne Hollins Tammy Hollins Missing
Diane Hollins, 31, & Daughter Tammy, 14: Vanished While On A Walk In 1979

Tammy’s remains were later identified, but Diane is still missing.

Cynthia Jean-Pierre missing
Cynthia Jean-Pierre Has Been Missing From Florida Since 2016 *UPDATE*

It’s unclear why Cynthia Jean-Pierre was living a life of vagrancy. The 48-year-old Florida resident…

Shanythia Mashelle Greene
Shanythia Greene, 17: Went Missing Teen’s Car Found Abandoned

Her car was found abandoned at a motel with her purse & a fake ID inside.

Ali Gilmore
Ali Gilmore Was Four Months Pregnant When She Disappeared In 2006

She was seen leaving work one evening and by the next day, she was gone.

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