Missing In Indiana

Marilyn McCown Niqui Missing
Marilyn McCown, 28: Visited The Laundromat In 2001 & Disappeared

Tommy Swint, a person of interest, killed himself in 2010 after being indicted for the 1991 murder of another woman.

Michelle Chrysler Missing 1
Michelle Chrysler, 22: Last Seen With An Unknown Man In 1997

She was reportedly visiting Gary, Indiana when she vanished & it was suggested that police believed she was abducted.

Monique Boamah Missing
Monique Boamah, 33: Vanished After Being Driven To Airport In 2021

Details regarding her last movements are unclear, but she was reportedly visiting a friend in Indiana.

Karena McClerkin Indiana 1
Karena McClerkin, 18: Attended A Party In 2016 & Vanished *UPDATE*

The teen’s grandmother doesn’t believe she’s alive.

Dawnita Wilkerson missing 5 (1)
Dawnita Wilkerson, 44: Mother Of 6 Last Seen At Motel In June 2020

Surveillance cameras captured her getting into a vehicle.

Michelle Ellis Missing 1978
Michelle Ellis, 23: Car Was Found With All Of Her Belongings Inside

She left home at 8:00 a.m., but an hour later Michelle Ellis had disappeared and her car was found out of gas near a service station.

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