missing in michigan

matrice washington missing 1 (1)
Matrice Washington, 32: Vanished From Detroit In 2008

Very little has been shared about her case.

Aneshia Harris Missing Detroit
Aneshia Harris, 19: Skipped School & Vanished In 1993

The teen visited her stepbrother’s girlfriend & was never seen again.

Marguerite Daniel Missing
Marguerite Daniel Was Last Seen At A Bar With A Man In 1978

There are differing reports regarding specific details of this case.

Catherine Davidson Missing
Catherine Davidson, 6: Missing Girl Killed By Mother In 1973, Says Sister

Catherine’s mother was later arrested for the murder of a two-year-old boy.

Renee Kyles Missing
Renee Kyles, 53, Visited Her Daughter Before Disappearing In 2007

Her vehicle was found 11 days later abandoned with a broken window.

Janice Jones Missing Michigan
Janice Jones, 23: Called Family Member For Ride In 2018 But Never Showed

The lack of information regarding her disappearance is astonishing.

Shayna Jones Missing
Shayna Jones, 24: Was Last Seen At A Neighbor’s House in 2013

She was seen in an apartment upstairs from her own.

Robin Sue Scott missing 1 (1)
Robin Sue Scott, 37: Vanished From Michigan in 1995

Very little information has been made available about her case.

Olisa Williams Missing, Baby, Denise Frazier-Daniel
Baby Olisa Williams Was Kidnapped By Father In 1982

He later said he took a nap in his car with Olisa next to him only to wake up and find that she was gone.

Tisha Renee Morgan
Tisha Renee Morgan, 42: Went Missing From Detroit In 2013

Several years later and still no answers.

Carlita Yvette Gentry Lohmeier
Carlita Yvette Gentry Lohmeier, 56: Went To The Store & Never Returned Home

Eight years later, her cousin disappeared, as well.

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