missing in michigan

matrice washington missing 1 (1)
Matrice Washington, 32: Vanished From Detroit In 2008

Very little has been shared about her case.

Aneshia Harris Missing Detroit
Aneshia Harris, 19, Skipped School & Vanished In 1993

The teen visited her stepbrother’s girlfriend & was never seen again.

Marguerite Daniel Missing
Marguerite Daniel Was Last Seen At A Bar With A Man In 1978

There are differing reports regarding specific details of this case.

Catherine Davidson Missing
Catherine Davidson Went Missing In 1973, Sister Claims Mother Killed Her

Catherine’s mother was later arrested for the murder of a two-year-old boy.

Renee Kyles Missing
Renee Kyles, 53, Visited Her Daughter Before Disappearing In 2007

Her vehicle was found 11 days later abandoned with a broken window.

Janice Jones Missing Michigan
Janice Jones Called Family Member For Ride But Never Showed Up In 2018

The lack of information regarding her disappearance is astonishing.

Shayna Jones Missing
Shayna Jones Was Last Seen At A Neighbor’s House in 2013

She was seen in an apartment upstairs from her own.

Robin Sue Scott missing 1 (1)
Robin Sue Scott, 37: Vanished From Michigan in 1995

Very little information has been made available about her case.

Olisa Williams Missing, Baby, Denise Frazier-Daniel
Baby Olisa Williams Was Kidnapped By Father

He later said he took a nap in his car with Olisa next to him only to wake up and find that she was gone.

Tisha Renee Morgan
Tisha Renee Morgan Went Missing From Detroit In 2013

Several years later and still no answers.