missing in mississippi

daffany tullos
Daffany Tullos, 7: A Mississippi Mystery Since 1988

A month prior, the 7-year-old told her aunt that her mother’s boyfriend touched her inappropriately while she tried to sleep.

Kreneice Jones
Kreneice Jones, 3: Went Missing With 2-Year-Old LaMoine Allen

The two children were last seen playing outside of a grocery store in 1992 in rural Mississippi.

Jasmine Purvis Missing 2
Jasmine Purvis, 29: Mysteriously Disappeared From Mississippi In 2020

She called her grandfather for a ride home and told him to hurry. When he got there, she was gone.

Katrina Kinsey Missing 1 (1)
Katrina Kinsey, 18: Father Returned Home & She Was Gone

Her father last saw her before leaving for work the prior evening.

Lyrian Barry missing
Lyrian Barry: 22-Year-Old Mom Goes Missing From Mississippi in 1960

The 22-year-old mother wanted to start a better life & vanished.

Tori Moses Missing (1)
Tori Moses, 27: May Have Been Traveling When She Disappeared In 2020

*Update* 10/18/2021 She has been located in a Colorado jail.

Lutricia Ann Smith Thompson
Lutricia Ann Smith Thompson: No Investigation Conducted At The Time Of Her Disappearance

Her family believed she may be connected to serial killer Samuel Little.

Tammyetta Michelle Spaulding
Tammyetta Michelle Spaulding’s Car Was Found Abandoned [09/03/2016]

Someone told her family that Tammyetta had been murdered.

asia martin missing
Asia Martin, 19: Went For a Walk & Never Returned In 2005

Police believe Asia walked out and left her life behind but her family thinks differently.

Shirley Anne Gladney
Shirley Anne Gladney, 20: Disappeared After Going For a Walk In 1999

She knew exactly where she was going and how to get there, but she was never seen again.

Merkedes Jordan Missing (1)
Merkedes Jordan, 21: Hasn’t Been Heard From in 12 Years

Few details have been provided in her case.

Phyllis Rome
Phyllis Rome, 22: Deaf & Mute Woman Vanishes After Visiting Nightclub

Twenty-somethings are known to go to nightclubs for fun, but no one expects for them to disappear.

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