missing in new jersey

Cellastine Wade Missing
Cellastine Wade, 18: Missing From New Jersey Since 1968

The 18-year-old was said to have vanished after work.

Sherrie Stout missing
Sherrie Stout, 35: Mother & Daughter Go Missing, Child Turns Up 4 Years Later

The child’s father dropped her off at a friend’s house in 2005 with a false name & never returned.

Tyshareen Budale missing
Tyshareen Budale, 27: Last Seen The Day After Christmas 2020

Very little has been shared about this case, but Tyshareen vanished from Newark in 2020.

Tomiene Jones Missing (1)
Tomiene Jones, 19: Search Continues For Missing New Jersey Teen

In 2000, her reportedly abusive ex’s girlfriend also went missing & was later found dead.

Roberta Mitchell Missing
Roberta Mitchell, 31: Mentally Disabled Woman Vanishes In 2000

She reportedly had the mental capacity of a 12-year-old & was trusting of people.

Robin Best-Bey Missing
Robin Best-Bey Went To The Store & Was Never Seen Again

The 27-year-old wasn’t reported missing for months, according to NamUs.

Venika Williams Had A Hair Appointment & Went Missing

Help spread the word about this mysterious missing person case.

Celina Janette Mays Was 12-Years-Old & Pregnant When She Vanished In 1996

No one has ever identified the father of her child.

Denese Laird Missing
Denese Laird Disappeared After Being Dropped Off At Hospital In 2010

The hospital staff said she never registered with triage.

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