missing in virginia

delecia waddy missing
Delecia Waddy, 24: Vanished From Campsite In 2017

Delecia went missing in 2017 after leaving a campground where she was with relatives. Later, her personal items were located piled together.

Melanie Davis Missing
Melanie Davis, 54: Missing After Leaving Psych Hospital

Melanie, a former nurse of 22 years, disappeared in 2016. After being reported missing, she checked herself into a psych hospital.

Emily Benjamin Missing
Emily Benjamin, 34: Car Found Abandoned In Virginia

She reportedly never returned home from her road trip.

Jane Doe
Stony Creek Jane Doe: Remains Found In Shallow Grave In 1948

It is believed she was somewhere between 15 and 25-years-old. In 2020, the town’s population was 176 people.

Sage Smith, 19: Transwoman Disappears After Meeting Up With Date

Her date, Erik McFadden, would later leave town and in 2019, he was reported missing, as well.

Kathryn Griffin Missing (1)
Kathryn Griffin, 43: Rode Away On Bike & Never Was Seen Again

In 2012, she was last seen leaving a barbershop before vanishing.

Chatani Wilson
Chatani Wilson, 22: Has Been Missing From Virginia Since 2019

It’s reported that police think she’s in Virginia somewhere but no one has had contact with her.

Alexis Murphy Found
Alexis Murphy, 17: Teen’s Remains Located 7 Years After She Went Missing

A man was convicted of her murder but her remains were only recently located.

Brittany Williams Missing (1)
Brittany Williams, 7: Was Allegedly Given Away To A Woman In 2000

The young girl lived with AIDS and needed constant medical attention.

Annie Horne Missing Doris
Annie Horne, 38: Husband Linked To 4 Murders

The mother disappeared from Richmond.

Arianna Davis Missing
Arianna Davis Walked To The Store & Never Returned Home In 2010

The store was only three blocks away from her home.

Keir Johnson, Chloe Johnson Missing
Keir Johnson & 8-Month-Old Daughter Vanished Before Beach Trip In 2017

Keir’s car was found abandoned two weeks later.

Tawanda Latisha Hill
Tawanda Latisha Hill, 27: Mental Illness & Addiction When She Disappeared

It’s reported that her sister believes Tawanda is pregnant.

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