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MISSING [06/13/1970] — Sherri Lee Truesdale Was A Smart Student Who Vanished While Running Errands

The family of Sherri Lee Truesdale was proud of the 14-year-old student. The teenager had recently won a scholarship to Mount Tabor High School’s fine arts program. It was a summer curriculum that began on June 14, 1970, so the day prior, Sherri planned on running a few errands to prepare. Continue reading “MISSING [06/13/1970] — Sherri Lee Truesdale Was A Smart Student Who Vanished While Running Errands”

MISSING [03/11/1987] — 16-Year-Old Sandra Kay Powell Was Out With A Friend When She Disappeared

There have been so many missteps in the missing person investigation relating to Sandra Kay Powell‘s case that it’s difficult not to become frustrated, even as an outsider. Sandra was four days shy of her 17th birthday on March 11, 1987. The South Bend, Indiana teenager got together with a friend and the two went out for some harmless fun. However, at some point, the pair were separated from each other and Sandra disappeared. Continue reading “MISSING [03/11/1987] — 16-Year-Old Sandra Kay Powell Was Out With A Friend When She Disappeared”

MISSING (12/16/2018) — 14yo Marizah Thomas Was Last Seen Getting Into an Unknown Vehicle

It’s been over two weeks since Marizah Thomas’s family has had contact with the Ohio teen.  The 14-year-old was last seen leaving her grandmother’s home in Clarksburg as she got inside of an unknown vehicle with an unidentified person or persons. There is a no contact court order against Marizah’s biological mother and the teen’s father believes that his ex has something to do with the young girl’s disappearance. Police have tried to locate Marizah’s biological mother to no avail.

A woman named Kimberly Strausbaugh made a public plea on Facebook asking for help in locating Marizah:

“I need your help in finding a 14 year old girl that went missing (or believed to have ran away) this past Saturday. Her name is Marizah Thomas and her family wants her back home and is worried sick about her. Please ask your children if they know her and if they’ve had contact with or can get in contact with Marizah. We don’t want her to get suspicious of our searching for her and then her stop talking to her friends, so please ask your children to be as inconspicuous as possible if they do happen to make contact with her. Thanks so much for your help!!”

Marizah is described as being 5’2″ tall and 125 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a pink hoodie and yellow pants that had emojis on them. At this time, Marizah is considered to be an endangered runaway, but the circumstances surrounding her disappearance remain a mystery


Anyone with additional information or questions regarding this case should contact the Ross County Sheriff’s Office at (740) 773-1185.

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