Kimberly Arrington Missing CVS
Kimberly Arrington, 16, Vanishes In 1998 After Visiting CVS Pharmacy

She was a carefree teen who just visited her local store.

Cynthia Jean-Pierre missing
Cynthia Jean-Pierre Has Been Missing From Florida Since 2016 *UPDATE*

It’s unclear why Cynthia Jean-Pierre was living a life of vagrancy. The 48-year-old Florida resident…

Alexis Crawford
Alexis Crawford: Roommate & Roommate’s BF Charged For Her Murder

Days before she went missing, Alexis reported to authorities she may have been sexually assaulted by her roommate’s boyfriend.

Stephanie Shea Snead Was Last Seen At A Bus Stop In 2018

Let’s do what we can to help reunite her with her family.

Shirley Anne Gladney
Shirley Anne Gladney Disappeared After Going For a Walk In 1999

She knew exactly where she was going and how to get there, but she was never seen again.

Stephanie Ray Clemons Was Last Seen At Her Apartment Complex Doing Laundry

Police don’t believe that she left of her own accord.

Wamaitha Kaboga-Miller
UPDATE: Wamaitha Kaboga-Miller Disappeared After Visiting Convenience Store

She was still wearing her pajama pants when she made a quick trip to the store less than a mile away.

Latrice Shay Armstead Missing
Latrice Shay Armstead: Jaw Was Wired Shut After Her Husband Beat Her

Her vehicle was found abandoned and burned in a neighboring state.

Kiera Bergman murder
*UPDATE* Kiera Bergman, 19, Missing From Phoenix In 2018

Her purse and wallet were found in the back of her closet. Is a text about an unknown man at the center of this mystery?

Myra Lewis Missing
Myra Lewis, 2, Disappears From Her Front Yard in 2014

The Myra Lewis mystery has baffled authorities for four years.

Bengie Lynn Tyson
Bengie Lynn Tyson’s BF Claims He Last Saw Her At A Truck Stop In 2009

She was a mother who had a few run-ins with the law, but her family never thought they would never hear from her again.

Alexis Murphy Murder
Alexis Murphy, 17, Kidnapped & Murdered In 2013

Did he kill her? And if so, was she his only victim?

Amysena Chappell Missing
Amysena Chappell, 18 Hasn’t Been Seen Or Heard From Since 2004

Circumstances are unclear, but she seems to have vanished while traveling.

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