Murder in 2016

Mohave Jane Doe (1)
Mohave Jane Doe: Remains Of Teen Found In Arizona In 2016

Police believe she had been dead for one to two weeks.

Erica Hunt Missing DNA
Erica Hunt: Missing Woman’s Remains Identified Through DNA

Her remains were located in 2018 but were only recently identified.

Krislyn Gibson Missing Murder
Krislyn Gibson, 35: Presumed Deceased, Man Charged With Capital Murder

Authorities believe Krislyn & her friend Sidney Taylor were murdered by one of Taylor’s friends.

Stephanie Goodloe Murder D.C.
Stephanie Goodloe: Murdered As Daughter, 11, Was In The Next Room

Her 11-year-old daughter heard her mother’s screams after being shot.

Sunny Giordano (1) Murder
Sunny Giordano, 18, Was Murdered By Her Boyfriend In Nashville In 2016

She was celebrating the Fourth of July with her friends.

Alaysia Bennett
Alaysia Bennett, 19, Was Killed During A Botched Robbery

It’s known that at least one man has been tried and sentenced.

Brenna Wood Murder
Breanna Wood: Seven People Face Charges For Her Murder

Detectives say that there was a conspiracy in motion to not only murder Breanna, but to cover up the crime.

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