Murder In 2017

Jurayah Smith, T'kia Bevily, Morris Bevily
Jurayah Smith: Stepmother Convicted Of Capital Murder For Child’s Death

At the time of this publication, Jurayah’s father awaits his trial.

Stevencia Barlatier Murder Missing
Stevencia Barlatier, 21, Was Murdered — Her Cousin Is Pleading For Help

I reported on her missing person case in January 2019. Since then, Stevencia Barlatier has been found murdered & her cousin has reached out to OBG for help.

Katrina Banks Our Back Girls
Katrina Banks Killed By Husband, He Was Acquitted Of Murder

He was charged with first-degree murder and found not guilty.

Latrese Morris-Dorsey Murder
Latrese Morris-Dorsey Shot By Her Ex In Front Of Her Kids, Died In Son’s Arms

Just two weeks before her murder, her ex threatened to end her life.

Rose Blake Murder
Rose Blake, 38: 11-Year-Old Witnesses His Father Murder His Mother

The father was shot and killed by police when authorities arrived at the scene.

Marcella Thrash Murder
Marcella Thrash, 50: Son Convicted Of Her Murder

A Charlotte, North Carolina woman’s life came to an abrupt end one April morning in…

Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones, 18: Teen Mom Murdered By Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

He reportedly crawled into her room in the middle of the night after stalking her.

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