Tynesha Stewart Murder
Tynesha Stewart, 19: Murdered By Ex-Boyfriend In 2007

Nineteen-year-old Tynesha Stewart was like many other young college students. She was a first-year student…

Monique Baugh
*UPDATE* Monique Baugh Was Lured To Her Death, Her BF Was Shot

A man has been arrested in connection to both crimes.

Juanita Hankins
Juanita Hankins Was Killed By Her Ex-Boyfriend On Christmas Day

Juanita’s ex-boyfriend stabbed himself after the murder.

deborah ann jessie
Deborah Ann Jessie, 23: Woman Missing, Friend Was Murdered

Deborah’s ex-boyfriend reportedly told a witness he murdered both women.

Gizzell Ford, 8: Was Tortured To Death By Father & Grandmother

This little girl’s short life was a terrifying experience.

Nicole Fitts, Arianna Fitts
Arianna Fitts, 2: Still Missing After Her Mother Was Found Murdered In 2016

Nicole Fitts was found murdered in San Francisco and her young daughter hasn’t been located since.

Brenna Wood Murder
Breanna Wood: Seven People Face Charges For Her Murder

Detectives say that there was a conspiracy in motion to not only murder Breanna, but to cover up the crime.

Bridget Shiel, 19: Killed Running From Murderer, DNA Yields Suspect

After two years of silence, police finally name a suspect in the teenager’s murder.

Erika Hill
Erika Hill, 15: Abused, Starved, & Murdered By Adoptive Mother

Her mother was a drug-addict and gave her to family members to be cared for. Erika Hill ended up living with her mother’s cousin who severely beat her every day and eventually killed her.

Alexis Murphy Murder
Alexis Murphy, 17: Kidnapped & Murdered In 2013

Did he kill her? And if so, was she his only victim?

Precious Doe
‘Precious Doe’ — Toddler Erica Green Was Killed By Her Parents In 2001

There are a handful of infamous new stories that Missouri wishes were erased from its…

Jasmine chandler
Jasmine Chandler, 28: Shot While Sitting In Parked Car

She was with a pregnant friend in the vehicle when someone walked up and opened fire, killing her and the friend’s unborn child.

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