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Adele Marie Wells, 7: May Have Been Kidnapped While Walking To School

Adele Marie Wells, 7: May Have Been Kidnapped While Walking To School

Adele Marie Wells Missing

This unsolved mystery has baffled investigators for 60 years. On November 21, 1958, just a little over an hour away from Detroit, Michigan where my grandparents were celebrating the birth of my mother, another girl, seven-year-old Adele Marie Wells in Flint, was told to stay home from school because she was sick. Adele was one of nine children in the home, so her parents ran a bustling household. The Jefferson Elementary School student did her best to stay put, but in the afternoon Adele decided to head over to the school to finish out the second half of the day.

She first made a stop at her grandmother’s house which was just a few blocks away from her school and after her social call, Adele left her grandmother’s to walk the rest of her journey to Jefferson Elementary. She never arrived at her destination and has never been seen or heard from again.

Adele Marie Wells Missing
Age Progression

During the initial investigation, police spoke to reliable witnesses who all said they saw a girl between the ages of eight and 10-years-old being carried away and placed into a black Chevrolet. They described the suspect as being a black man with a light complexion wearing a gray coat and red socks. He has never been identified, but investigators don’t even know if this man is even related to Adele’s disappearance. Yet, other children who attended Adele’s school told police that there was a man that drove a black Chevrolet who, days before Adele Marie Wells went missing, tried luring them inside of his vehicle.

At the time of her disappearance and possible kidnapping, Adele was 3 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 45 to 60 pounds. She had black/dark brown hair (with bangs) and brown eyes. She was described as having a small and skinny stature. Her hair had waves on the sides and she wore bangs. Her dental records and fingerprints are not on file, but her DNA reportedly is available for testing. Adele was last seen wearing a grey cotton coat, a bluish dress with small animal figures along the lower hemline, red knee-length socks, and black shoes.

Anyone with information regarding this 60-year-old case is urged to contact the Flint Police Department at (810) 237-6945, the Michigan State Police at (313) 215-0675 or their local authorities. The agency case numbers are 15053-14 and 35-7663-58, respectively.

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