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Roseann Pleasant Went Missing, BF Kills Daughter 7 Years Later

Roseann Pleasant Went Missing, BF Kills Daughter 7 Years Later

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The last person to see Roseann Pleasant before she went missing was William Bradley “Brad” Jackson. She was reportedly seen at a corner store in Spokane, Washington On September 29, 1992, but what happened to the 35-year-old mother of four after that time remains a mystery. In 1992, Roseann was a reported drug addict and her youngest daughter, Valiree Jackson, was only two years old. It was just one week before she vanished that Roseann was said to have called her brother who lived in Arizona and told him she was concerned for her safety. She reportedly planned on taking three of her four children and moving somewhere down South, but sadly, that would never occur, and seven years after her disappearance, little Valiree would be dead.

It was believed that Roseann Pleasant’s disappearance was somehow linked to her risky lifestyle. She was involved in drugs and prostitution and it’s reported that she’d previously witnessed a friend and fellow sex worker be shot to death. That incident took place just months before Roseann went missing.

It’s understandable to believe that Roseann’s affairs may have played a factor in her disappearance, but her boyfriend was also questioned by authorities. It’s reported that he was a person of interest, especially amid allegations from Roseann’s brother, John Stone, that his missing sister feared Jackson. There were also reports that Jackson physically abused Roseann, even being arrested for domestic violence.

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Not long after Valiree was born, Jackson was awarded primary custody while Roseann was allowed supervised visitation. Jackson, a construction worker, and Valiree lived at his parent’s home and it was only days before little Valiree’s second birthday that her mother vanished. He reportedly refused to cooperate with authorities and wouldn’t agree to take a polygraph test.

Seven years later in 1999, this family was confronted with another mystery when a nine-year-old Valiree disappeared, as well. To have the same type of circumstance occur with both a mother and daughter years apart was baffling, but authorities once again zeroed in on Jackson. According to the father, Valiree was playing in their front yard before she disappeared. Police reportedly didn’t believe him, so they placed a tracking device on his vehicle. After applying pressure on Jackson, they followed him straight to young Valiree Jackson’s burial site.

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When confronted, Jackson admitted to killing his daughter. However, he reportedly claimed that it was an accident.

Valiree was allegedly taking the medication Paxil at the time to help control behavioral problems, and Jackson told investigators that she accidentally overdosed. Valiree was described as a bright, loving child, but because she reportedly regularly fought with Jackson’s girlfriend, Danette Schroder, she was labeled as a menace.

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Jackson claimed he didn’t know what to do after Valiree died, panicked, and decided to cover up her death. Police weren’t convinced of his story and speculated that Jackson smothered his daughter to death. An autopsy report revealed that there was bruising around Valiree’s nose and mouth. An investigation reportedly uncovered pubic hairs in Valiree’s bed, and while they were later matched to Jackson, there was never an explanation given as to how they got there.

It was believed by authorities that Jackson killed Valiree so he could have a free life with Schroeder, who had become his ex-girlfriend when he was under investigation. The police tracker on his vehicle showed that he was prone to driving back and forth past Schroeder’s home. When he was arrested, one of his first phone calls was to Schroeder and during the conversation, he reportedly asked her to marry him. She quickly declined and during his trial, she testified that she had no knowledge of Valiree’s death.

Jackson was convicted of Valiree’s murder in 2000 and was sentenced to 56 years. His conviction was reportedly upheld in 2003.

roseann pleasant valiree jackson 1“This is hard for me to say — I honestly believe Brad deserves what he took from Valiree, and that’s a life sentence,” said his brother, Dick Jackson, as reported by AP.

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Roseann Pleasant has never been found, nor was Jackson formally charged with her death. Her brother believes that Jackson buried Roseann in the foundations of one of the construction sites he worked at.

At the time of her disappearance, Roseann Pleasant stood 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 145 pounds. She had black/dark brown hair and brown eyes. Both of Roseann’s ears are pierced, she wore a size “Large” in tops, size 34×30 pants, and wore a size 9.5 shoe. She was known to use the last names Stone or Jackson.

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