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Stephanie Jones, 18: Teen Mom Murdered By Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

Stephanie Jones, 18: Teen Mom Murdered By Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

Stephanie Jones

A young mother’s life was cut short when her boyfriend callously murdered her in her home. Stephanie Jones, 18, was a teen mom from Milwaukee who had a promising life ahead with hopes and dreams she hoped to fulfill, but in 2017, the father of her child shot and killed her.

Stephanie Jones Murder 2

The estranged couple had been dating on and off for years, and when Stephanie was 16, she became pregnant. Their relationship came to a tragic end when 18-year-old Hakeem Tucker broke into Jones’s home by crawling through her open bedroom window in a home that Stephanie lived in with her parents.

Stephanie’s mother reportedly told the authorities that she became concerned when Tucker began stalking and harassing her daughter. He reportedly threatened to kill Stephanie and allegedly pointed a weapon at her in the past. The teen’s mother was alarmed when she spotted Tucker arguing and being abusive to Stephanie on January 3, 2017. It was then that Tucker crawled through Stephanie’s window and crept into her room before launching a heated altercation.

Stephanie’s father came rushing to her aid, and that’s when Tucker turned and shot him. Tucker immediately focused his attention back on Stephanie and shot her in the chest. The girl’s mother grabbed her two-year-old granddaughter and ran from the residence for help. During the altercation, Stephanie Jones reportedly pleaded with Tucker, saying, “Please don’t shoot my daddy.

Stephanie Jones Murder 2

Tucker was apprehended two days later when police were investigating a suspicious vehicle. They found him with a weapon when he was arrested. Tucker reportedly raised his firearm to authorities and told them to shoot him, but instead, they were able to take control of the situation without any fatalities.

For his side of the story, Tucker told police that Stephanie’s father had a gun, as well, and he only shot at his ex and her father after a struggle ensued. Tucker also alleged that he had been shot in the leg but refused to show investigators his rumored injuries.

It’s believed that Stephanie and Tucker’s relationship had been riddled with abuse from the beginning. Her father was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery for his gunshot wound. He recovered.

Tucker was already on probation because of a previous conviction of armed robbery, He’s been charged with first-degree intentional homicide, attempted first-degree intentional homicide, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

FOX 6 News reports:

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In court on Friday, Nov. 9, Tucker was sentenced to serve 35 years in prison and 10 years extended supervision on the reckless homicide charge and 15 years in prison and 10 years extended supervision on the reckless injury charge, to be served consecutively, for a total of 50 years in prison and 20 years extended supervision.

He was sentenced to serve five years in prison and five years extended supervision on each of the felon in possession of a firearm charges — to be served concurrently to the sentences above and to each other.

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