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Beverly Kaye McBride, 48: Loving Grandmother Found Murdered In 2007

Beverly Kaye McBride, 48: Loving Grandmother Found Murdered In 2007

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This is a case that was brought to my attention by a supporter of Our Black Girls, and it is one that I never heard of out of Texas. It was back in August 2007 when Beverly Kaye McBride, a loving mother and matriarch, was tragically killed in Beaumont. Searching for any updated information since 2007 has proven to be difficult, but the person who sent me this case was able to provide some photos of a news article published all those years ago.

Beverly Kaye McBride MissingBeverly was reported missing by her family on August 11, and while her loved ones held out hope that she would return home, they were met with terrible news. Weeks after she disappeared, Beverly’s remains were located on September 1 by a man who was cutting the grass in the 2100 block of Second Street. The weather was particularly hot during that time, so Beverly’s remains were reportedly badly decomposed. A manner or cause of death could not be determined.

Days after Beverly went missing, her vehicle was reportedly found abandoned in Beaumont, but police could not find any evidence of foul play. Additionally, when Beverly”s remains were located, she was reportedly wearing different clothing than when she was last seen. Upon inspection, family members reportedly told authorities that they did not “recall seeing Beverly ever wear a T-shirt like that found” on her.

Beverly McBride Murder 2There were two persons of interest in this case early on, but those names have not been shared publicly. Cliff Hargrave of the Orange Police Department previously said that authorities “hope someone will come forward.”

On the day she went missing, Beverly Kaye McBride visited the Parkdale Mall in Beaumont because she was meeting up with her parents. She reportedly needed to give them money to pay a bill for her because she would not have time to do so the following day, seeing as how by the time she got off of work, it would be too late.  Beverly worked as a prison guard at the Stiles Unit in the city. That was the last time anyone was documented seeing or speaking with the 48-year-old.

A newspaper, The Beaumont Enterprise, reported in 2007: “Beverly McBride was a mother, grandmother, sister and daughter. Her smile, according to family members, had a radiance and rarely left her face.”

Raymond McBride BeverlyAdding an extra layer to this mystery is the reported disappearance of Raymond McBride, Beverly’s husband. The person who sent me this story also let me know that in 2004, three years before Beverly was found murdered, Raymond vanished. The Charley Project‘s blog briefly covered his disappearance and wrote:

“McBride had told his family he was thinking of going to either Houston or Florida to look for work. He seems to have vanished into thin air, and left no paper trail, as my casefile for him notes.”

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Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Orange Police Department at 409-883-1026 or their local authorities.

Please share this story about Beverly Kaye McBride to help reignite the investigation into this case and help bring resolution to her family. She is our sister and her life matters.

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