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Bronx Jane Doe: Woman Found Strangled In 1990 [Identified]

Bronx Jane Doe: Woman Found Strangled In 1990 [Identified]

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*Update* Bronx Jane Doe has reportedly been identified. Please see the update at the bottom of this post*

Today, we’re going to highlight yet another case of an unidentified woman who was found murdered decades ago. In this case, there is a photo of the victim; however, she has gone unknown since 1990. For the purposes of this article, I will refer to her as Bronx Jane Doe.

Due to the circumstances, little is known about this woman or her New York City case. She was reportedly found strangled in Claremont Park about 300 feet west of Clay Avenue and Webster Avenue on May 2, 1990. She is described as Black, but it was mentioned that she may have also been Hispanic, and reports state that her face was recognizable. However, how long she was in the park before being discovered is unclear. Any evidence that may have been collected, how her remains were located, and the extent of the initial investigation is also unknown.

At the time of her murder, Bronx Jane Doe stood 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 135 pounds. It is estimated that she was under 40, possibly between 20- to 35-years-old. She had black/dark brown curly hair that measured 8 inches in length and brown eyes. She had a linear scar with parallel suture marks under her right breast. Bronx Jane Doe was found fully clothed, wearing a gray pullover sweater, a denim jacket, tan panties, a black long-sleeved pullover jersey blouse, black jeans, white socks, and white sneakers with the name “Brigida” written on the left shoe.

Usually, I include contact information at this point in the article. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an agency investigating this case as none is listed, not even a police department. However, the information for the Office of Chief Medical Examiner in New York City was included, and their number is (212) 447-2030 for anyone that may be able to aid in identifying this woman.

Please share this story about Bronx Jane Doe to help reignite the investigation into this case. She is our sister, and her life matters.

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