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Marcella Thrash, 50: Son Convicted Of Her Murder

Marcella Thrash, 50: Son Convicted Of Her Murder

Marcella Thrash Murder

A Charlotte, North Carolina, woman’s life came to an abrupt end one April morning in 2017. Around 7:00 a.m., police dispatch received a call of an assault in a quiet neighborhood. When they arrived, they found 50-year-old Marcella Thrash clinging to life. She had been stabbed, but before they could speak with her, she died of her wound at the scene.

Her 26-year-old son, Dionte Marquel Long, was immediately taken to the station for questioning. It became apparent to police after interviewing Long that he was responsible for his mother’s death, so he was quickly arrested.

Marcella Thrash

He killed his mother just three days shy of his 27th birthday.

Neighbors couldn’t believe something like this could occur on their block. They noted that Long, who lived with his mother, occasionally behaved strangely, but they never thought he was capable of murder.

“I saw those crime neighborhood [watch signs], all the signs and I thought those were jokes, and now it kind of makes me want to be a part of that and take it a little more seriously,” said one neighbor.

“Hopefully, things like this don’t become a normal occurrence, we’ll do our part to make sure the neighborhood stays safe and secure,” added another.

Marcella Thrash

Long did not have a prior record and reports stated that the only incident he had on his record was a traffic ticket. He has been charged with murder and awaits trial. As of October 2017: prosecutors have decided not to seek the death penalty in his case.

Update: In 2019, it was reported that Long was found not guilty by reason of insanity. It was a controversial verdict that continues to be debated. Long was said to have been evaluated by three separate doctors and will be held in a criminal mental health facility until caregivers and medical professionals determine whether or not he continues to be a danger to himself and others.

“I have no doubt in my own mind that Mr. Long is mentally ill and has been for a long time,” Judge Robert Bell reportedly said.

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It is unclear if Long was previously diagnosed with a mental health condition. It was also reported that both the prosecutors and the defense attorneys agreed that Long’s mental state was a contributing factor in the crime.

Please share this story about Marcella Thrash to help spread mental health awareness. She is our sister, and her life matters.

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  • I miss my sister and my heart aches for my nephew her son. It’s been two years and no closure. No trial no nothing just unanswered questions from that horrific day.

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